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Let's Play!!

WeGoGamez is a killer mobile gaming theater! Up to 20 people can play video games at the same time. The WegoGamez mobile gaming theater has 3 42″ LCD TVs on the inside along with limo style comfort seating. It’s fully air conditioned with LED lighting perfect for any party. The theater also has 2 47″ TVs on the outside of the vehicle. With a total of 5 TV screens, everyone can play their favorite video game. WeGoGamez is the perfect entertainment for any party. Play the latest games on Xbox One and Nintendo Wii/Switch. Call us today to book the party that everyone will be talking about



Mess Free! Kids are outdoors and having fun.

Stress-Free! A truly awesome experience so you can relax and enjoy what should be a special day.

Less Fee! We provide the best party entertainment for less money. More play.


All of us at WeGoGamez are video game enthusiasts and know our catalog of games well. A WeGoGenius will have lots of tips and tricks from beginners to experts. who will be there to setup and take down as well as monitor game And better yet the WeGoGamez mobile gaming theater comes right to your door. Powered by a generator we can run our mobile gaming theater on its own, allowing us to pull up anywhere and play. Houses, parks, convention spaces, parking lots, wherever you are, we go! WeGoGamez will provide you with one of our WeGoGeniuses.












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