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Q: What do you do?

A: Awesome video game parties where kids can play competitive multiplayer games in a super cool, one of a kind experience


Q: How many kids can play at the same time

A: Up to 12 on the inside and 8 on the outside


Q: I heard there was music

A: Yup, our truck has a mega sound system that can double as a mobile DJ and blast music inside and outside!


Q: How much do you charge

A: A typical party is 2 hours for $350


Q: What if it rains?

A: Well, we can still play on the inside, but if it is bad (rarely, c’mon this is Vegas) we will have to cancel/reschedule


Q: What if I have to cancel?

A: Well the policy is a week’s notice to receive a refund, but every situation is different. Just make sure we are ready to rock when you book and we should be O.K.!


Q: Do you just turn the truck on and leave?

A: Nope we stick around and play too! Everyone involved loves people and playing games

Q: Do you have internet?

A: Yup! We just installed Starlink and so far so good!

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